An organic L-glutamic amino acid that can be found in green tea, theanineis a cousin of the neurotransmitter glutamate and a precursor to serotonin. It also produces higher levels of dopamine. Known primarily as a relaxation supplement, It works to limit the stimulation of overactive neurons to promote feelings of calm and mental focus in its users.



Theanine was first isolated from green tea in 1949, and since then has become a component in natural supplementation used to incite feelings of peace and well-being. After successfully entering the bloodstream and flowing into the brain, it works quickly to target numerous neurotransmitters such as dopamine and GABA to control the over-stimulation of neurons found in the central nervous system, relaxing the brain’s processes to incite feelings of calm and general focus. Its cognitive effects are most prevalent when coupled with caffeine, either in a stack of marketed supplements or naturally with green tea. In the latter, both create a beneficial balance; caffeine promotes an enhanced level of alertness while theanine can lessen the effects of nervousness that can come from other supplements. Its primary biological result, regardless of preference, is a heightened feeling of serenity, focus, and optimism. It has also been shown to enhance cardiovascular strength by stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the lining of arteries. This opens up blood vessels to ensure that blood flows more efficiently to the brain, providing additional levels of oxygen. This process can help to lower both blood pressure and the risk of heart centered diseases in general.

Side Effects & Dosages

Theanine does not carry a high risk of side effects, with only a few users having reported to suffer diarrhea with exceptional doses during consumption. It is not recommended to blend this supplement with other drugs that might affect other internal processes, such as those that impact blood pressure or the regulation of depression. The result could lower blood pressure to undesirable levels, and can negatively impact the body’s ability to balance its mental health. In addition, using theanine with other stimulants is discouraged, as the combination could dampen any desired results. Always seek professional assitance from a qualified medical professional if combinations are unavoidable, or if there are any other questions that need to be answered before supplementation takes place. Dosages are often dependent on the individual, and can vary greatly depending on a wide variety of factors.

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