A stronger variation of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Sulbutiamine (also known as Arcalion when sold in capsule form) is a bioavailable lipophilic stimulant. Popular with students and those with lives centered around learning, it is commonly used as a supplement to boost its user’s motivation and mental endurance. It is also known to decrease social anxiety, and helps to instill feelings of happiness and fulfillment.



Sulbutiamine has a higher bioavailability than Vitamin B1, ensuring that its effects at increasing levels of Thiamine and Thiamine phosphate within the brain reach their maximum potential. Thiamine plays a role in the brain’s process to utilize glucose for energy, primarily by bringing together various enzymes before transforming them into carbohydrates. Thiamine is an important component responsible for a healthy energy metabolism, as well as the stimulation of nerve transmissions throughout the entire central nervous
system. By boosting the supply of energy that the brain needs to process cognitive functions, it ensures that the organ runs much faster and more efficiently. Learning potential and long-term memory health is enhanced, as well as the preservation of already capable neurons. In addition, unlike other stimulants such as caffeine, sulbutiamine positively impacts the nervous system without unwanted repercussions in the forms of hyperactivity or a system crash.

Side Effects & Dosages

Most individuals will use sulbutiamine without any major or long term side effects. However, minor side effects are still a possibility, which can range from skin rashes to a lack of appetite. Sulbutiamine can also incite incidents of negative thoughts in those who suffer from depression, so a medical recommendation is important when determining whether or not consumption is necessary. Dosages can vary depending on the individual, but general guidelines indicate that most will take 200 mg twice daily, with a maximum amount of 800 mg daily.

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