Commonly referred to as “The Love Drug” due to its ability to create a euphoric high that resembles the feeling of falling in love, Phenylethylamine is a naturally occurring monoamine alkaloid. It is derived from the amino acid Phenylalanine, and can be abbreviated as PEA. It can act as an agent to boost an individual’s dopamine levels, resulting in enhancements to the areas of physical productivity and motivation, and can be found in high concentrations of dark chocolate.



Phenylethylamine is naturally produced in the central nervous system and functions as a neurotransmitter after crossing the blood-brain barrier to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It does not have a high bioavailability, so higher dosages are needed for this compound to have significant effects on the body. However, once it reaches the brain Phenylethylamine helps to release crucial neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine to produce its distinctive euphoria. Dopamine is commonly associated with feelings and impulses related to sexual desire and motivation, while norepinephrine is considered to be a pathway towards enhanced mental focus, heart rate, and the recorded fight or flight response to stimuli. Because of this, phenylethylamine is all at once a stimulant and psychoactive substance that is released during moments of heightened action or sexual arousal.

Side Effects & Dosages

Despite phenylethylamine’s general safety as a compound, it still carries mild side effects that are associated with its use. These can include but are not limited to: headaches, nausea, heartburn, constipation, and dizziness. Furthermore, if any such side effects occur during consumption it is important to either lessen the dosage or contact a qualified medical professional for further insight and assistance. Recommended dosages generally begin at 250 mg daily, but can go as high as 1,000 mg depending on the individual and reasons for use. Beginning at the lowest recommended dosage possible will be best in building the body’s ability to process and utilize phenylethylamine.

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