Artichoke Extract is derived from the leaves of the common vegetable, and is a source of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as minerals chromium, magnesium, and potassium. It also contains polyphenols and are thought to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Extracts from the leaves and stem are even used to flavor beverages as sweeteners. The vegetables themselves also contain a huge amount of anti-oxidants which can be great for overall health, heart function, and improving a number of other physiological processes.



Artichoke Extract is crucial to the CILTEP (Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation) Stack. LTP is the process by which your brain stores memories and it occurs whenever a new connection is formed between two neurons. The theory behind the CILTEP stack is that using the right mix of supplements you can actually increase the rate at which LTP occurs in your brain, thereby boosting memory retention.

The stack works by increasing cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) levels using Forskolin supplements. As a PDE-4 inhibitor, Artichoke extract is able to increase cAMP activity in the brain in conjunction with Forskolin, which then results in more memories being formed and retained in your mind.

In addition, the basic mechanism of action for Artichoke Extract centers around its effects on the liver. The extract itself is absorbed into the bloodstream, transported throughout the body and eventually makes it way to the liver. The primary function once it gets to the liver is to help protect against damage. In fact, it actually helps to perform and enhance all the detoxification reactions which regularly occur within the liver.

Side Effects & Dosages

There are not many types of side effects associated with Artichoke Extract. However, one of the things that may be provoked by this supplement is gallstones. Anyone who already has this condition should definitely avoid taking this supplement since it does have the tendency to make them worse. Other potential side effects include intestinal gas and other stomach issues.

There may be some allergic reactions in certain people as well. Those who are already allergic to plants like marigolds, daisies, and other similar herbs or plants should be careful with this supplement. It is also best if pregnant and breast feeding women avoid this since there is not enough evidence to determine its safety.

500 mg of Artichoke extract is a typically recommended dose, along with 20 mg of Forskolin. Do not exceed 1 gram of Artichoke extract per day or it may lead to negative side effects related to sexual performance.

For its many health benefits, you may find success with different dosage levels. For example, someone interested in something like heartburn relief should consider taking 320 to 640 mg of the supplement up to three times per day.

If you are taking this supplement for the purpose of lowering high cholesterol, you may be advised by a doctor to take as much as 1800 to 1900 mg per day, divided into 2 or 3 equal administrations. Amounts this high should only be undertaken after consulting a health care professional.

In the form of a stack, Artichoke Extract is typically taken in conjunction with the natural supplement Forskolin. Together the pair boosts levels of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate). cAMP plays a key role in memory formation, and assists in the physical processes required for long term memory storage. This stack also works best when taken with a dopamine precursor such as L-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriensor DL-Phenylalanine.

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