Alpha GPC is a water soluble essential nutrient found in the lecithin of the soybean. It can also be found in the human brain and in human breast milk, and could be a contributing factor to help explain the higher IQs observed in children who have been breastfed. It has the highest proportion of availability when entering the bloodstream than any other choline supplement.



Alpha GPC travels to the brain, where it quickly metabolizes into acetylcholine. It can then be used by neurons to communicate with one another in a process that directly relates to short-term memory, learning aptitude, and the attention span.

Alpha GPC can slow down the brain aging process by acting as an antioxidant, which can result in improved memory recall, the elimination of brain fog, and the sharpening of focus. Choline is essential for brain and whole body health, having been found to also help prevent fatty liver states and assist in the regulation of cholesterol levels.

Women who consume high levels of Choline have been shown to have decreased risks of breast cancer, and it has also been observed to increase Human Growth Hormone levels.

Side effects

Most people in the world are deficient in choline levels, making supplementation of the nutrient all the more important.

Low levels of Choline have been shown to carry side effects of liver disease, atherosclerosis, and certain forms of neurological disease.

Choline is a crucial part of brain health and maintenance, so ensuring its presence in the human body won’t only keep a person healthy, but can also increase their mental aptitude in areas like memory, learning, analytics, and brain stamina.


Alpha GPC can be stacked with nootropics like Piracetam, Noopept, or Aniracetam.

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