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A psychedelic drug, 2C-D is an entheogen ( a substance used to induce spiritual experiences in religious ceremonies) compound with psychedelic properties. It is derived from Phenylethylamine, and as such can interact with a variety of neurotransmitters. Low doses of 2CD can be used as a smart drug. In smaller amounts, the compound can improve memory, heighten concentration, boost sensory sensitivity, and create feelings of mild euphoria.



2C-D was first synthesized back in 1970 by a team from the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences and is most often taken orally, although it is also possible to be inhaled through the nose (insufflation). Nasal and sinus irritation are common effects when inhaled.

Administration of this supplement has been found to help to improve memory, expanded learning capacity, improve the speed of memory recall, and also helped with attention switching in order to improve focus and concentration.

It is considered to be a psychedelic compound, derived from phenethylamine (a phenyl ring joined to an amino acid group via an ethyl side chain), and is believed to exert effects through the enhancement of the central nervous system.

Mental and physical stimulation and even the possibility of a level of euphoria are other possible effects. feelings of empathy, enhanced tactile sensation, brightened colors and improved visual perception (along with enhanced sensory perceptions in general) have been reported by users as well.

Side effects and Dosages

As with most stimulants, the likelihood of negative side effects increases with higher doses. Abusing 2C-D can lead to headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and dizziness. Others may experience anxiety and nasal pain (if inhaled through the nose).

A few more serious potential side effects include the impairment of motor skills, sweating and/or chills, and even paranoia. Ultimately, 2C-D is a drug with very little research history so there is an inherent risk if you decide to use it. Small doses are best for those solely interested in using 2C-D for its nootropic or cognitive enhancing effects, primarily in the realm of 10 to 15 mg. Currently, there is not enough evidence on the supplement to determine if it is the type of supplement that can be taken daily. It is also important to note that the legal status of 2C-D is currently unclear. For individual guidelines, it is best to speak with a qualified physician for more information on how its consumption could affect the body.

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